Is SLA good for this project?

I am an experienced FDM 3D printer but have no experience with SLA. I’m working on a project with small parts for which FDM simply is not good enough. Layer lines, supports, etc. just won’t cut it with these parts that need to look good.

The project is a custom made 1/32nd scale slot car of a Formula 1 car. I think that SLA will give me the results I need, but I’m not certain.

First, I know that the layer lines in SLA a minuscule compared to FDM, but how minuscule? Is there a way this can be answered?

Then there is the material choice. I’m thinking ABS but I’m not sure. It needs a certain amount of ruggedness.

Some parts, like the rear wing, are impossible to FDM print in one part. I’m hoping it can be done in one piece with SLA. Is this correct?

Lastly, there’s the question of first articles. As the design that several parts that fit together, fitment is an issue. It would be very costly for me to order a set of parts (I figured around $150), and then have to tweak the design and order them again. Is there anything set up for dealing with this issue?

The CAD model:

Thank you.


You can find information about layer thickness of different 3D printing materials following the link:

SLA materials are suitable for visual models with limited functionality, but with a high level of detail.

Please note that level of detail and accuracy are not the same things. The level of detail can be described as the difference in height between two surfaces (e.g. extruded text on a surface).

Dimensional accuracy relates to the deviation of a printed part from the nominal size of the 3D model. Dimensional accuracy of SLA parts is ± 0.2% (with a lower limit of ± 0.2 mm). Accuracy values clearly indicated on each material page.

Unfortunately, a picture of a 3D model is not enough to tell whether the model is feasible. When you place an order, your models undergo automated and manual checks before they get printed.