I would like to print two colors on a project- and I got the 3D file

this is regarding my new project that should be my signature earrings.It is a star shape and I would like to have the edge-part in turqoise color, while the inside star a purple. I also would like to have some parts with glitter. Is it even possible to produce? I have a prototype that I was producing by hand, but if I wanted this to be a merchandise, I would like it to be produced professionally. Please help me


Thanks a lot for reaching out to us.
To print a colorful object is possible with multicolor+ resin that we offer. Please check the material webpage to learn more about this material.

Fully colored objects are possible to print in multitude of colors on one object, however talking about glitter this is something you’d need to apply manually. The base for the glitter can be used in the color you need.

Feel free to reach out to us via the contact email and share the file to check model’s 3D printing feasibility

i.materialise Customer Support