I.materialise vs onsite orders minimum order value

In this nice comparison between materialise and onsite " What’s the Difference between Materialise OnSite and i.materialise?
It shows a Minimum order value of Eur 30.00 for Materialise and Eur 50.00 for onsite. This information is not correct! The MOV for Materialise is Eur 40.00 and not Eur 30.00.
Please correct this error.
Thanks and regards, Werner

Hello Werner,

Thanks for pointing this out!

Indeed, the information about MOV in the article is not relevant. Looks like this was missed during the update. Will fix asap.

i.materialise customer support


I am a university student and need to print an 18€ model. I just don’t need to print more than this model at this time. Is there no way to order a model for less than 40€? even if I pick it up onsite?

Kind regards