How to upload files bigger than 100mb?

i have some pieces that are over 100mb - how do i get these to the site for the estimate and to order?

Hi Jasonlujan,
The 100 MB is the max file size.
Can you zip the files separately ?
Are they then under 100 MB ?


i zipped a 544mb file (my largest) and it was reduced to 235mb, still too large.

i went ahead and ordered a part - gold plated brass - but would really like to do a whole se if the sample comes back satisfactory.

Hi Jason,
you can look to reduce the number of triangles in your design.
Look in your design package for something called triangle reduction / remesh / decimation…

The printing proces can print details of typically 0.1 to 1 mm :
Triangles that are part of a smaller detail can be merged with other triangles without loss of the maximum attainable detail.

Hope this helps you reducing the file size .