How much for shop percentage redistributed fees?

[French answer accepted with great pleasure :wink: ]


As I take a look at your (French Speaking Side] proposal for creating a “designer shop” - what a good thing ! - I see you can redistribute some percentage for each sell, but nothing about the amount… I wonder how much ?

I guess it is just a forgotten information, but now I bring this to your attention, could you be more precise on this subject within your website please ?

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Bonjour Guy,

(Mon français est pitoyable alors, je continue en anglais, c’est plus interessant pour tous les lecteurs )

You are allowed to set your own price by going to the pricing section and adding your own markup as an amount or a percentage. It can be e.g. 100% or 100 Euro or even 1000%…

The 3% paypal transaction mentioned in the title is added upon the markup (not upon the total price) and is payed to Paypal when i.materialise is paying you out for each sale.


I hope this answers your question .

Hello Wim,

Ok, thank you very much for your answer (and your French speaking try, very better than my own mastering of your language, you know… :wink: ).

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