How can I benefit from the student discount. Is the student discount tab just not working?

Hello. I would like to benefit from your offer for students.
I recognized the student discount tab on your website, but when I sign me up nothing happens.
What do I do wrong?
Thanks for reading my question.
Best wishes,

Hello Oliver, I suppose you are Oliver Dunkel and I can confirm you that the discount was granted (even twice) on Friday July 19th. I will send you again an email with the confirmation to your email address. Kind regards Lizy

Hey, I am also trying to find the student discount. Thanks!


Hi Jukka,

As far as I know you have already received your student discount.
Please confirm.

Best regards,


Thanks for the reply! Yeah, it took a while to be received.


Hi, I also seem to be having the same issue. Do I just need to wait for the email to come through?

Thanks Lewis

Hello Lewis,

Thanks for the question and your understanding in this matter. Yes, the response is not immediate since the information about relevance needs to be checked.

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