High quantity quotes

Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’m wondering if anyone has done a high quantity run and if so, how did you contact anyone to get pricing information? I don’t see a way to do this online.

Hi Support1,
you can indicate in a quote the quantity you like.
If the quantity is high, the system converts it to a Request For Quote .
A Customer support officer will then look at your request for an adequate price.


There is no way to convert the cart. I’ve tried many materials in quantity 500 and there is no reduced price from 1 unit. In addition, there is no way to request a quote. The only option I have is to checkout and purchase 500 at the 1 unit price.

Hi Support1,

I have to admit you are right, the RFQ is only for too high unit prices, not high quantities.
Sorry about that.
Please send a mail to contact@i.materialise.com with your quote number and wanted quantity.
kind regards,