High-Detail Stainless Steel not available?

Hello, I usually print with Imaterialise due to the EXCELLENT quality of the “high detail stainless steel” printing mode. Today, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that it’s not available (I was planning to print new parts for my project). The question is why this type of printing is not available, and if there is any possibility of printing it elsewhere or through a company associated with you. I haven’t been able to achieve the same quality with other companies using the MDLS EOS system.

Same question here. Is High-Detail Stainless Steel being unavailable a temporary issue, or do I have to seek a new way of making certain parts ?

Dear nc.cliffe,
The material is discontinued till further notice.
Our partner Digital Metal was taken over by Markforged.
Attempts to find other providers were not succesful.
For the time being, we abandoned further efforts.

We regret that we had to drop this great material from our catalog.
Hope you find a replacement for it and if you do, please post this on the forum so that other persons can be helped.

Kind Regards,

Hi Octanees,
please read my answer to nc.cliffe below your post.


Looking at onsite.materialise, which offers metal materials (aluminum, steel 316L, and titanium in two quality levels) and seems to be geared towards the professional or business sector, is there any CURRENT material SIMILAR in characteristics to High Detail Stainless Steel? By this, I mean resolution in microns. I have pieces from i.materialise in High Detail Stainless Steel, and they are impressive in detail; in fact, I use them for watchmaking components.

Hi Octanees,

The Stainless steel on OnSite is made in DMLS technology.
The details in that technology are a factor 5 less good :

Sorry, but I thought that High Detail Stainless Steel was using EOS DMLS technology. Could you then tell me what is the technology/machine behind these excellent prints with imaterialise High Detail Stainless Steel?

Dear octanees,

the technology is called binder jetting.
The machines were made by Digital Metal.
Digital Metal is taken over by MetalForged.
The machine: https://markforged.com/3d-printers/px100
If you find another provider, please post it and help out other High-Detail Stainless Steel lovers…

Thank you, wim.verstraeten, for providing precise information about these prints. I’ve been searching for a second option for several days, but it seems challenging to find a service similar to imaterialise that offers easy ordering and printing options with binder jetting 3D printing. Is there anyone who could assist me with this information?