Gold ring finish measurements

Hi all,

I’m designing a ring to be printed in gold. However, in the Design guide for gold, under Finishing and Its Influence on the Level of Detai, it says “The polishing technique is aggressive and will erode your model by about 0.1 to 0.15 mm”. Should I then design the ring to be 0.1mm thicker on the inside AND the outside?

A practical example: if I want the ring to have an internal diameter of 18.5mm and thickness of 1.6mm, should I then actually use an internal diameter of 18.3mm and a thickness of 1.8mm so it’s the exact size I want after the finish is applied?

Thank you for clarifying!

Hello Liam,

Precious metal production is quite precise and the information about erosion mainly relates to details and their sharpness.
Thus when designing a ring we would advise to stick the measurements needed and just allow up to ±0,1mm of deviation in general.