Flexibility of steel

Because of the delay in printing cast metals, I’m planning to print a bracelet in steel as a test of the look and flexibility of the material. Will an approx. 1mm thick bracelet be flexible enough to bend repeatedly without breaking?

The steel-bronze composite is much like cast iron - very hard but ultimately somewhat brittle. Good for making things like bottle openers (that are actually durable) but I suspect a bracelet might be uncomfortable. (I expect you’d also need more like 2mm thickness for anything load-bearing)
No experience with the laser-sintered stainless, but it is limited to small item (at most 45mm in each axis)
EDITED to add: nevertheless some nice-looking bracelets have been created by various designers, see the jewelry/bracelet section of the SHOP part of the site for the kind of designs possible

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Hi, Steel will work harden and break with repeated flexing,when used in a cuff type bracelet. It should do fine in a bangle bracelet sized to fit over the hand or with a hinged design.

I hope this is helpful.
Ford Smith
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