Finest detail plastic?

Which plastic has the finest detail? It is for a small scale architectural model. I plan to paint it.

It is too large for high-detail plastic.
I won’t paint it if it looks nice already
I am comparing to fine detail plastic by ■■■■■■■■■; https://www.■■■■■■■■■.com/materials/fine-detail-plastic

Turning the question around, what is the smallest detail that you hope to retain in your model ? (If you plan to paint it anyway, I’d expect the paint to occlude most sub-millimeter embossings or engravings that you could achieve according to the respective design guidelines for the material). Too large for high-detail suggests its size exceeds 10 cm (or about 4 inches) cubed - there is a nice multicolor plastic available here, but it may be a bit expensive at that size (plus you would obviously need to provide a color scheme or texture in the print data).

I’m sure I have details that are smaller than any of the print materials can handle, so I would like to use whichever has the most detail. Maybe the mammoth resin?