Einstein Tiling Puzzle by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Einstein Tiling Puzzle is based on the famous aperiodic tiling pattern, discovered by David Smith and mathematically proven by Joseph Samuel Myers, Craig S. Kaplan, and Chaim Goodman-Strauss. As described by the authors, the “Einstein’s Hat” tiling is one tiling from a continuum, starting from an arrow tiling. My idea was to turn this into a tiling puzzle by having 3D pieces that layer-by-layer morph from arrow to hat. Craig Kaplan provided me with the 2D curves to CAD this morphing. Craig observed that the pieces shift from position during the morphing, and hence all pieces would be different. This makes the resulting puzzle rather difficult to solve.

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Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-01 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-02 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-03 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-04 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-05 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-06 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-07 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-08 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-09 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-21 Uploading: Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2—view-22.jpg… Uploading: Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2—view-23.jpg… Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-31 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-32 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-33 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-34 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-35 Uploading: Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2—view-36.jpg… Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle-v2---view-37 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle---view-02 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle---view-03 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle---view-04 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle---view-05 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle---view-06 Einstein-Tiling-Puzzle---view-07