Dovetail Cage by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Dovetail Cage is a twelve-piece cage puzzle. The pieces are held together by dovetail connections. The cage comes apart in two halves, which can then be further disassembled. The puzzle is not extremely difficult, but it can be confusing to solve.

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Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-01 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-02 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-03 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-04 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-05 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-06 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-07 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-08 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-09 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-10 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-11 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-12 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-13 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-14 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-15 Dovetail-Cage-v4---view-16