Double Fractional Gears by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Double Fractional Gears is a spin-off of my Fractional Gears. Whereas the latter features a gear with “half-fold symmetry”, this gear system also features a gear with “third-fold symmetry”. That gear needs to complete three full turns (1080 degrees) for the gear system to get back to its starting position. So the gear system as a whole has a half:third gearing ratio at average. It was quite a challenge to develop this gear system, with six virtual prototypes and two 3D-printed ones. The biggest problem was to prevent the gears from bumping into each other. The gear-on-gear approach of Fractional Gears did not work. The working solution was to have the teeth spiral around their axle two or three times.

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Double-Fractional-Gears---view-01 Double-Fractional-Gears---view-02 Double-Fractional-Gears---view-03 Double-Fractional-Gears---view-04