Does this MJF printing need support?

Hello. I’m brand new to 3d printing. I designed this piece to be printed from the bottom up using what I believe is called “FDM”; however, I thought I read that the “MJF” printing process does not require overhang supports. Did I read that correctly? mjf support question 1

If so, by using MJF, can I add these two red squares to the bottom of this piece without the need of supports? The red squares will be mating tabs so I still need the bottom of the main piece to be completely flat. I hope I am making sense. (I know very little about 3d design and printing). Thank you.
mjf support question 2

Hey Joe,

That’s right, MJF 3D printing and other powder bed technologies, like SLS, don’t require additional supports. You can add the blocks at the bottom :wink:

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Impressive technology. Thanks Dmitriy!