Does-It-Scramble by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Does-It-Scramble is a spherical twisty puzzle with an enigmatic name. It was developed by playing around with a geometry similar to Rocket Twist and Rocket Star, but with four-fold symmetry instead of three-fold or five-fold. However, can this puzzle be actually scrambled? That is, can you do some moves and get the puzzle back to its solved state by using different moves, instead of just undoing the initial moves? I asked Evgeniy Grigoriev and Boris Muradov for help with pCubes. According to pCubes, the puzzle can not be scrambled deeper than three moves. However pCubes works with a fixed core and fixed rotation axes, so it cannot discover new grips. So a mechanical version may provide more insight.

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Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
Check out the photos below.


Does-It-Scramble---view-01 Does-It-Scramble---view-02 Does-It-Scramble---view-03 Does-It-Scramble---view-04 Does-It-Scramble---view-05 Does-It-Scramble---view-06 Does-It-Scramble---view-07 Does-It-Scramble---view-08 Does-It-Scramble---view-09 Does-It-Scramble---view-10 Does-It-Scramble---view-11

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