Does I-materialise do a dishwasher-safe plastic?

■■■■■■■■■ advertises their versatile plastic as dishwasher-safe but I see no reference to anything dishwasher in i-materialise material info?

Hello, the heat deflection temperature of Polyamide used by i.materialise is 86° and that gives you an indication at what temperature materials start to "soften" when exposed to a fixed load at elevated temperatures. So, it’s safe to say that this material is dishwasher safe. Kind regards Lizy

Hi again Lizy, Would coloured Polyamide prints also suitable for the dishwasher…&; would they need the waterproof finish?

Hello again, for the sealing of your design, we process your Polyamide part with an aqueous solution to fill small pores and close its outer surface or skin. Of course this will be a better protection if you have the intention to put your parts on a regular base in the dishwasher, but the waterproof finish is only available in white and therefore not possible on colored Polyamide parts. Kind regards Lizy