Das Cube Too by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise Puzzles fans,

Das Cube Too is a shape variation to Das Cube. The four large corners and three large edges stay always together because of the puzzle’s internal structure. The three large edges are shaped such that they can slide along each other, but not along the small edges. So any illegal mode is blocked.

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Check out the photos below.


Das-Cube-Too---view-01 Das-Cube-Too---view-02 Das-Cube-Too---view-03 Das-Cube-Too---view-04 Das-Cube-Too---view-05 Das-Cube-Too---view-06 Das-Cube-Too---view-07 Das-Cube-Too---view-08 Das-Cube-Too---view-09 Das-Cube-Too---view-10 Das-Cube-Too---view-11 Das-Cube-Too---view-12 Das-Cube-Too---view-13 Das-Cube-Too---view-14 Das-Cube-Too---view-15 Das-Cube-Too---view-16

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