Custom scene default position problem

Is anyone else having this same problem? I have a custom scene that I load under build preparation before bringing in an STL file of a part that I want to print. I am having an issue when I bring the part in it isn’t going to the default position for the Z-axis. The default position of the part is 6.5 mm with the bottom of the scene being set to 0 for the Z-axis. When it is at 6.5 mm the part is below the bottom part of the scene. This issue just came about when I had to update to the latest version of the magics. Prior to this we never had this issue. Any ideas how to fix this?


Hi Alan,
I hope a member can give you that answer on the spot.
Did you try the support desk of Magics already by email : software(at) ?
Ask them to answer on this forum so everyone can read it :wink: