Crowdfunding Previews

I’m launching a crowdfunding campaign June 9th.
Do you ship globally, and how long does it take to ship to Canada?

If the prints won’t arrive until after June 9th I was wondering if it would be possible to get high quality photo previews of them to put on the campaign before they’re shipped?


We do ship worldwide, with just a few exceptions. Delivery to Canada shouldn’t take more than 2-3 days since all shipments overseas are made with UPS Express Saver. We woudn’t be able to make photos of your 3D prints.

Does 2-3 days include production time? I’d like to know how quickly I could get the model in my hands after ordering.
Also would like to confirm that I don’t need to add any overhang supports to my 3D models, that you will handle that for me? Also do you remove the supports, or would I have to cut them off myself?

We’ll take care of generating the supports and for some of the materials, you have the option to choose whether the supports should be left on the model or removed.

You can find the production times here: Lead Times

Actually I’ll probably go with priority Polyamide SLS cause it’s the fastest and has the least 3D model limitations.
What would be the best balance for quality/speed for coloring the figurines?
I’m planning on submitting an order tonight so I have some previews I can take pictures of by June 8th.

I think I figured it out, the priority SLS gives me feedback on how long it will take automatically. BUT I would like to clarify if it says expected shipment date June 5 does that mean it will start shipping that day and arrive possibly later than June 8th. Or is it estimating it to arrive by June 5th.

I submitted my order May 30th with the fastest priority method because I need them ASAP.
Then on June 1st I received some wall thickness issues which I hired a few people to quickly resolve these issues.
But then on June 2nd I was told that parts of the models that where marked as “Sufficient” before are now suddenly too thin? One of the 6 models did still have issues which I got resolved right away but the other 5 all passed analysis on

Now I’ve been waiting over 23 hours for a response to my email and I still need these printed models by June 8th but I don’t know how that’s going to be possible.


Estimated shipment date means the day your order leaves our production facility.
Delivery time also depends on the service type you chose.
(For UPS Express it is 1 business day.)

I already replied to your email that it took a bit more time as we had to fix some errors in the updated file you’ve sent to me.
Now your order is in production and it still can be shipped before June 8th.
If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we would be happy to help you!

Best regards,

Oh sorry, that was from before you replied and I was getting frustrated.
I thought I deleted my last 3 posts but it seems like 1 of them didn’t actually delete.