Contakt / i.materialise

Dous someone know the Email address of i.materialise?

For the last 2 days aim speaking with a AI of the Facebook page but the BOT wont redirect me to a human.

In the contact form of the website you need to fill in a order reference but I don’t have that.
And because I don’t have that, I can’t send the Email to the company…

I never did so mutch work to contact a company in my live please help me…

Best regards


Hi Robert,

the email is contact(at) , you need to replace the (at) with the appropriate sign :slight_smile:


I could have thought about that option lol thanks :smiley:

Your mail dont work: Maximum Retry Queue Age Reached
I try to send technical question with stp file annexe

hi m.fantino,

thank you for your post.
we will check the inbox.
just to be sure: which email address did you use?

I sent again mail to contact(at)
Good morning,
I have to print part that have long 2,5 mm hole as you can see in cross section of enclosed step file.
The concern is that the hole remains full of dust and cannot be emptied.
Thank for your answer
Happy New Year
Marco Fantino

I cannot send here step file
I received your mail
Do you received my mail with step file?
Marco Fantino