Combination Box by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Combination Box is a box that is opened like a combination lock. If you know the secret code, you turn the dials and just slide open the box. But what is the secret code? The version on the photos was 3D-printed with some layers of glow-in-the-dark material which show the secret code. The glow layers are covered with a single layer of white material. In normal daylight, the white material scatters so much light that one cannot see the secret code. So one has to go to a dark place, like a closet with the lights off to see the code glow. The puzzle was 3D-printed using birch-filled filament. The digits were highlighted with mahogany filament, as a birch-only puzzle does not have good contrast. The dials are kept in place by M3 flat cheese head screws, which makes the puzzle strong and rugged.

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Combination-Box---view-01 Combination-Box---view-02 Combination-Box---view-03 Combination-Box---view-04 Combination-Box---view-05 Combination-Box---view-06 Combination-Box---view-07 Combination-Box---view-08 Combination-Box---view-09 Combination-Box---view-10 Combination-Box---view-13 Combination-Box---view-14 Combination-Box---view-15 Combination-Box---view-16 Combination-Box---view-17 .
Check out the photos below.