Color by Design

Hi, I am Tim Zimmerman owner of the RC Model Shoppe. Something I began to head off covid-19 frustration.

I have begun construction of a new printer, Color using the diamond head and a BigU motherboard. It will be retrofitted onto an old makerbot replicator 2 frame and have bowden technology extruder system. I am going to make it modular in a sense that It can plug in and out, to allow for other adaptations like CNC dremel and a Laser engraver. I currently own a DiVinci Pro aka Xyzprinting Pro 1.0 with laser module. Very nice printer with some sketchy software.

At my shop I currently put together RC planes. with plans to roll into RC Cars and trucks.
Always trying to use my brain I have come up with some rather interesting at least to me ideas about 3d printing and how to get things done a little differently than they do now.

One idea I have is an inversion of another printing process I call puddle printing, messy resins and noxious fumes make it less than Ideal so my idea is to invert the system using a liquid filament, bubble jet style onto the build then hitting it with the laser, making exposure to the noxious resin limited. It would build in the same manner that solid filament would just be dispensed without heat just light.

Another Idea is to use powered metal oxides and laser printing tech to print slices of parts onto a polymer sheet then compress the sheets into a complete part. The pressure solidifying the part thru pressure and heat and bonded by the polymer. Titanium, aluminium, whatever materials you want. Brilliant Ideas here at the RC Model Shoppe.

So there is my Introduction, I think therefore I am… kinda thing… again I am Tim Zimmerman and you can Email me at a facebook dedicated page is coming … Showing the process that I am using and the things I am building. Hope to create with all of you … Chao!

Sorry but this makes me wonder if you are aware (a) of the various types of industrial rather than hobbyist printers and processes already available (b) that you are posting in the customer forum of a printing service rather than on a generic discussion site ?

No I don’t watch the industrial side of things, I think of things write them down and in some instances I try to build them. Sry for the post on a service site. If you like my ideas run with em if you can, I will never realize them by myself. I am always thinking of other things.
Catch me at The RC Model Shoppe.