Chemical composition of transparent resin, standard resin and ABS

Good day, this is my first post/question in this forum. I would like to create a human equivalent tissue 3d model, for which I need -in principle- a material with a density similar to water, and also light chemical elements (Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, etc.) to be atomically equivalent to a biological tissue. The technical specifications for the transparent resin, standard resin and ABS are very detailed from the mechanical point of view, however I have not been able to find the chemical composition to decide which filament would be better for my purposes. My 3d printer uses a 2.85 mm filament.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.


Hi Jaime,

That’s a quite challenging task.
To clarify, the standard and transparent resins are not filaments, they are polymers for SLA printers.
Also here at i.materialise we provide a 3D printing service, we don’t sell materials.

I’m not sure the material manufactures share the exact chemical composition of their materials, but if you want to try to find it, it’s best to research the websites and material datasheets of such companies as 3D Systems, Stratasys, Formlabs.

Hi Dmirtiy, thanks a lot for your clarification.