CartItem Creation API

Hi, we have an app that generates 3D models according to client´s taste and we are conecting it to this API, how do you make sure the api is getting the right model (how to send it each time a new model is generated). I get how to send the model´s name and extension but not how to send the 3D file of the actual model.
“MyCartItemReference”:“some reference”,
“iMatAPIPrice”: “25.0”,
“mySalesPrice”: “26.0”,


To create a cart item for the right model, you should either specify the right model ID or the file name and the file location on your drive or server. Model ID is returned in the response of Model Upload API.

In other words, you can either upload the file first using the Model Upload API and then specify its ID in the Cart Item Creation API, or upload the file directly in the Cart Item Creation API by providing the right file name and file location.

You can find some examples here: i.materialise GitHub

And test the API here: Cart Item Creation API Demo Site