Can't order my model

Hi! I want to make an order that is less than the 40 euros minimum price. Can I please do so? I really want this 3d print, I have the model, and you are a professional company which does high quality color prints which are are also affordable, it’s exactly what I need, but now because of this limit I can’t make my order. I don’t have 40 euros and with shipping the order will be 32 euros which is close. Can I please make my order, please, I really like you and I want to order from you, can I make my order as it is?


The minimum order value (MOV) is applied to all orders, thus when a lower production price order is placed the differences has to be added to meet 40 EUR mark.
You may add other models to your order so the upcharge to cover for MOV is not applied.

Well yes but then I will have to pay for them. I cannot pay 40 euros and I don’t want to pay for models that I add just for the sake of clearing the minimum amount. I would like to pay exactly the amount that is for my model please. Why can’t I do that?

The MOV is applied to all orders, meaning that this is a general rule for all customers. This approach was set to improve the efficiency of our services regardless of the order volume and eliminate wasteful practices. When you order a number of copies or bigger models, MOV disappears.

Fine. Not the best practice, kind of forcing customers to obey your weird rules, but I guess maybe there is a reason, if I decide to order, I will try to fit in that 40 euros.