Can I get a deal?

it’s on

$ 765.87 is a lot of money for a 10 inch model :frowning: please cut me deal

Hi, I can imagine that $ 765.87 is a lot of money is a lot of money for you for a model, but since i.materialise already has very competitive prices, we can’t give an extra discount for a one of a count model.

Perhaps you can also check and make sure it’s build hollow instead of solid. This might already make a difference in the pricing. For a model of this size, I would say that 3 to 5 mm wall thickness would be enough, but it all depends on the geometry.

If that is still not within your budget, it might be an idea to make the model smaller. In that case you will see that the price will fall non-exponentially. By that I mean that if you make the model 10% smaller, the price difference will be higher than 10%.

We can also check what can be done if you send your model to our e-mail contact @ i. materialise. com (without the spaces) and let us know what your budget would be.
Kind regards Lizy