Boston Subway Maze by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Boston Subway Maze was named by Dave Rossetti, who used it as an exchange puzzle at the International Puzzle Party in Boston, 2006. George Miller and Dave developed a laser-cut acrylic version with a one-way trap to reset the puzzle, based on my design from 2005. The puzzle has ten horizontal lines and ten vertical, which are linked at some places by holes where the ball can go through. The object is to get the ball out. The name of the puzzle refers to Boston’s historic subway system, where four lines form a square in Boston’s center. Up to this day, there is no connection between Boston’s red and blue lines.

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Boston-Subway-Maze---view-01 Boston-Subway-Maze---view-02 Boston-Subway-Maze---view-03 Boston-Subway-Maze---view-04 Boston-Subway-Maze---view-05 Boston-Subway-Maze---view-06 Boston-Subway-Maze---view-07 Boston-Subway-Maze---view-08