Boomdas Replica by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Boomdas Replica Replica is a 3D-printed replica of the Japanese Boomdas puzzle that was invented by Noritaka Muto in 1984 and mass-produced in the 1980’s or 1990’s. It is a 3x3 sliding-piece puzzle without a frame. The pieces stay together with a dovetail connection. They click in place with 3x3 cylinder magnets. The object of the puzzle is to scramble it by rehaping and then solve it. The puzzle has an honor system, as one can easily cheat and take the puzzle apart. The puzzle is easy and fun to solve. Unlike the classic 14-15 puzzle, adjacent pieces can be swapped.

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Boomdas-Replica---view-01 Boomdas-Replica---view-02 Boomdas-Replica---view-03 Boomdas-Replica---view-04 Boomdas-Replica---view-05 Boomdas-Replica---view-06 Boomdas-Replica---view-07 Boomdas-Replica---view-08 Boomdas-Replica---view-09 Boomdas-Replica---view-10