Best non-metal material for thread tap

Hi all,

which material would be most suitable to tap a M3 and M4 threading myself? Using threaded inserts sadly isn’t an option since it is a fairly thin design (3-4 mm) and I haven’t found such low-profile inserts.
I’d appreciate the insight of anyone who has experience with this!


Hi David,

Most of the plastics we offer are suitable for tapping a thread. For a small thread like M3 or M4 to function properly, however, we’d recommend using a tougher material, like ABS, or Gray Resin, since it has good material density.

You can also find some recommendations on adding a thread here: Adding Screw Threads to Your 3D Printed Model

Let us know whether this helps :wink:

Ok, thank you for your reply Dimitriy!

What about the suitability of Polyamide (MJF)? It is the only material I have ordered from you before, so I am only familiar with that one, but I do like how it turned out overall. But I did not tap any threading on the previous piece so I don’t know about that aspect.

Hey David,

MJF Polyamide is a decent option, although it’s a powder-based material produced with 0.1 mm layer thickness, so I’m not sure how well a very thin/sharp thread would work. I think you’ll just have to test it.

Ok, thank you for your insight Dmitriy!

Hi, you can grind down a bushing to the thickens you need. Put a long screw in it as you grind, for a handle and turn it threw the bushing to clear flashing before removing the screw.

Hope this helps