Balanced Soma by OSKAR

Hi iMaterialise fans,

Balanced Soma is a Soma-Cube puzzle that was first published in the book “Puzzles of the World” (Botermans & van Delft) in 1978. The object of the puzzle is to balance all soma pieces on the middle bottom of the puzzle. Patrick Luteijn likes that puzzle and commisioned a spherical version. Both the cubic and spherical versions work well. The wooden variants are slightly more stable than the PLA plastic versions, as the plastic is more slippery than the wood.

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Check out the photos below.


Balanced-Soma---view-01 Balanced-Soma---view-02 Balanced-Soma---view-03 Balanced-Soma---view-04 Balanced-Soma---view-05 Balanced-Soma---view-06 Balanced-Soma---view-07 Balanced-Soma---view-08 Balanced-Soma---view-09 Balanced-Soma---view-10