Are tall and thin models possible in Multicolor?

I have a model that is 400mm in the largest side, followed by 350 and 20 mm on the other two dimensions - it is basically a tall and thin rectangle. The referred maximum size is said to be 490 x 390x 200, so the only way to print this would be to lay it vertically, instead of horizontally. Is it possible, or are there going to be balance issues?

I’m pondering whether it would be a viable solution to include temporary foot-like supports on the base, that could be removed once the print is finished…


If your model is within the maximum printable size, then there should be no issues printing it. However the feasibility also depends on certain requirements (thickness, volume, etc.) as well as on the overall geometry of the part.

Printing in multicolor plus material is done using gel-support material. It adds up to stability during production and allows for different model orientations during the process.

To better assist you in this question we’d need to check the model. Feel free to contact our support team with the 3D model file attached at