Analysis for model

My model in the Analysis page shows parts that are unprintable , but when getting a quote on same model i can add to cart and pay , any advice on this please

Automatic analysis is not always perfect so it does not prevent from ordering - somebody will actually look at your model once you order it (and the order may be rejected then).

I understand that thank you ,
Does payment get taken and then do i get told or am i advised before payment ?

Hi John,

The ordering process happens as follows : you upload or select the model you would; you choose the material, color and size of the model; you choose the country where the model must be delivered; you have a view of the order and the costs; you choose the payment manner and execute the payment and confirm the order. Before paying, you have the possibility to go back in the process (clicking the “back” button) if you see that a mistake has been made and you would like to modify it.

If you have your doubts regarding the design of your model you can send your file to us via:
Indicate in the subject that you would like to check the feasibility of the part.

Someone from the support team will have a look and give the advice what should be adjusted.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regars,