3D Printing in Ceramic?

I would like to ask about the feasibility of 3D printing in Ceramic ?
For the last 2 days I have been attending/presenting at a web symposium on NMR, hosted by Nantes University.
One of the speakers was from the German national research company BAM.
He spoke of 3D printing ceramic. I asked some questions after his talk, and he said that the procedure is to embed the ceramic powder in a polymer binder, and 3D print this (I surmise this could be either using an extruding / sprayable or laser sintering technique) then fire it to drive off the binder and obtain a dense ceramic.
I would particularly be interested in doing this with one of the high thermal conductivity ceramics.
Thank you,
Dr. Beau Webber
Do you have any thoughts on doing this ?

Hello Dr. Beau,

Unfortunately within out offer there is no ceramics. However we have a broad selection of plastics and metal materials to print from. You may get more insight of what we can provide you with here.


i.Materialise Customer Support

Dear Dr. Beau,

I can add to the reply of Ivan that we offered ceramic in the past but decided to remove it from our offer as we could not stabilize the dimensional and glazing issues.
But there are services offering ceramic 3D printed parts.

fyi : a blog post showing what we did in the past : https://i.materialise.com/blog/en/your-chance-to-win-a-free-3d-printed-ceramic-gift/