3D printing a foam thermal insulation?

Hi, we have done many hundreds of pounds worth of business with iMaterialise, often metal printing.

However we have a project that needs thermal insulation of a complex shape, currently being made using a stack of foam sheets cut to size. The size is currently about 120mm x 120mm x 50mm.

Can you suggest a way of 3D printing such a foam thermal insulation ?

As I see it, this needs both a suitable plastic and 3D printing software able to generate a foam structure.

Do you have any suggestions ?

Cheers, Dr. Beau Webber

Hello Dr Beau,

Thank you for your interest and cooperation with i.materialise.
We greatly appreciate your trust.

The project you have described seems to be very interesting but this is also unfortunately something i.materialise can not help you with.

However we have a solution for you. Materialise Projects will help to bring your ideas to life.
I will provide the colleagues from this department with your contact information and they will be glad to assist you.

Best regards,