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  1. Please feel free Fabian. And thanks!
  2. Today's pickup. Cyclo - pendant in silver - height 26 mm. It's already in my shop.
  3. Height 20 cm
  4. I'm always excited when I receive a ReadyForPickup mail from i.Materialise. Especially when the print is ready a week before the estimated delivery date!! So I opened the box - Fragile on the side - and found this amazing ceramic print with amazing orange color. The model has no sharp angles or faces so the whole looks very smooth. The model is signed and dated on the bottom. You may recognize a figure in it. During design I used the extraction, slicing and smoothing tool (Meshmixer) a lot. That's why I would like to give it a title: Blow Up. The result looks very artificial and the orange color gives it a retro look. Thanks again i.Materialise. I 'm looking forward to see my next orders in Ceramics and Metals.
  5. Made with Meshmixer Pendant - H 30 mm Unpolished black steel
  6. Starting from a modest wire structure in mammoth resin gives me - from artistic point of view - more options for the body or the space in and around the structure. The picture reveals one option or variation. Width structure: 400 mm Tools: 123D Make, Meshmixer
  7. Does a hollow resin print requires escape holes? Example: a sphere with 10 cm diameter and 2mm shell for resin print (not powder print).
  8. It seems that the website is loading slow?
  9. Off course you can. Please let me know if you need extra photo's. I've added my website to my profile. Thx.
  10. Swing was made for a thematic exhibition. It will be on display near Leuven in march. I'm very happy with the result and color. Tools: Remake and Meshmixer - height 30 cm - painted raisin.
  11. The easel and table are elements that can be found in a traditional artist's studio. Nowadays computers are part of the technical and artistic process and take over tasks. Placing the easel and table in a vase is a way of tribute to the past and at the same time questioning the past. I used to spend days, weeks, months sculpting in stone and today - with computers and 3D print - sculpting is faster and almost instant. The vase with easel is odd - I admit - but it's a way of dealing with my studio, present, past and future.
  12. H 30 cm Paintable blue resin + surprise
  13. I use an antique wooden mannequin to set up a scene for the figure. The figure is scanned and post processed with Meshmixer. The table is drawn with 123design. The table and figure are merged and hollowed out with Meshmixer. I'm very pleased with the result and I'm looking forward to my next 3D print (paintable raisin - blue) which may be ready any day now.
  14. Polished steel - H 60 mm
  15. Order has been send and payed. Thx for help and quick response.