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Materials » Prime Gray

The surface of your 3D printed model is defined by the material and technology. In addition, the number of post-finishing steps also determines the cost and quality of your prime gray model.

The natural surface of your prime gray model is what we call ‘basic finish’. That means you get to see and feel the basic material your model was built from. However, resin based models will always be smoother than powder based models. The technology (stereolithography) used for your prime gray model requires extra material to support your model during the printing process, but these supports are removed before your model is cured (hardened under UV light).

With basic finish, some building layers will still be visible. The natural surface option is always the cheapest option.


Natural gray


When the natural color of prime gray doesn’t meet your needs, we can paint your model with a can of spray paint. You could also do this at home yourself if you prefer.

You can also have your model painted in a professional spraying booth. There are 4 types of paint (only available through an offline price request): dead matt, matt, satin, and high gloss. The difference lies in the gloss factor. In other words, how "shiny" your model looks when it’s painted. The higher the gloss factor, the more light will be reflected from the model. The bigger the surface is on which the paint is sprayed, the bigger the visual difference between the different paint options .

As an example we have painted 4 metal plates in the 4 types of paint and placed a small polyamide ball on top of it. The more the ball is reflected, the higher the gloss factor.

Dead matt paint degree of reflection 10%.
Matt paint degree of reflection 30%.
Satin paint degree of reflection 50%.
High gloss paint degree of reflection 90%.

Paint it yourself

Although we don’t offer a finishing option for prime gray, you can always paint it yourself. Just take a look at the amazing paint job Guido Mandorf did on one of his prime gray models.

primegrey finishing

Ships in 8-13 business days

Minimum wall thickness 1 to 3 mm
(depending on dimensions)

Minimum details 0.5 mm

Maximum size 250 x 230 x 250 mm