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ORPHEUS Boutique Guitar Pick

by Joseph Politi

  • ORPHEUS Boutique Guitar Pick
  • ORPHEUS Boutique Guitar Pick


Named after the Greek God of music, the Orpheus guitar pick was designed for you guitar lords out there. If you're a metal head who dabbles in the art, you know the importance of using a pick that suits your shredding needs. This pick can be played on 4 sides depending on your shape preference and style of playing. The Orpheus features a deeply chamfered hole to allow for superb grip, and can also be used to wear this stylish pick as a pendant when not being used to play. Being printed from 6AL-4V titanium, this pick is thick and stiff, because no real rock legend uses a floppy pick. However, the outside perimeter is chamfered at just the right angle for the pick to ramp off of each string with ease all while allowing for concise plucking. If you're a fan of boutique metal picks, the Orpheus is definitely worth trying out!

Joseph Politi

Joseph Politi

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