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  2. Super impressed with how it turned out. Did a 3D modelling unit at uni last year for fun and made a Banjo model with the intention of maybe printing it. There's almost no Banjo Kazooie merchandise available and was one of my urges to create and print this model because I love the Banjo Kazooie games so much. Shipping from Belgium to Australia was fast and reasonable.Price was great and the results were fantastic. Thanks so much!
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  4. Will do Olga. Thank you very much
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  6. Isaac Newton, 3D bust.
  7. Hi Pieter, This looks really cool! Thanks for sharing! Keep us posted about other prints of yours
  8. Hey Pieter, nice design !
  9. Hello Ammar Alfouzan, Could you please send a mail to us to contact@i.materialise.com? Also you can check our partnership programm as well: https://i.materialise.com/3d-printing-business/partnerships Best regards, Olga
  10. Badge revers pin 10th year company anniversary of company logo made in Fusion 360 and printed in high precision stainless steel and polished finished.
  11. Hi there. I have a collection of rings that I designed and would like to open a store at i.m, but how can people with different ring sizes purchase a ring uploaded with a specific dimension? Will they need to scale it? Or should I upload different sizes of the same ring? Also, is there an email address to contact i.m regarding integration of services to my web store? Best regards. AA
  12. Hello ! Here is the update on my Instagram account, with the painted frame : The final result is really great. The acrylic colors is really easy to apply on the polyamide too, so it's a nice material to paint. I decided to not sand the frame, because i've some really small details printed in it, and i didn't want to take the risk to erase them. The small structure left by the printing process adds a nice structure to it, so it was not a problem for me. Best regards, Christophe
  13. Great information! Unfortunate that there are not cheaper "polished" options, but this will do.
  14. Hi Joakim, It is indeed a good option to try out a gold plated brass print before going for a gold print. The finish will look similar and size wise it should be the same. The plating is negligible as it is less than micron thick. Please note that the yellow gold used for plating is 18k so it will match a 18k yellow gold print better than 14k yellow gold print. i hope this answer your question
  15. Hi there, Thanks for getting in touch. To get a rough estimate of the price, you can simply download a similar 3D file from online databases (like thingiverse.com) and upload the file here: https://i.materialise.com/3dprint You can then choose the material, check the size of the print, and set the quantity counter (if case you want to order the same model several times). Best regards, Fabian
  16. Hi, I have previously made preprints for a gold ring in polished brass (gold-plated). Based on deviations between 3d model and the printed prototype (brass/gold-plated) I have now an idea of how much a ring will expand due to polishing etc. However, how much of this deviation is due to the plating of gold? What material and setting is the best setting to use for a final prototype before printing the gold one? I would like a material that has similar reduction after polishing. SOLUTION; If making preprinting for 18K Gold - choose brass-gold-plated (will match in color) and be "same" size.
  17. I am either planning on purchasing a 3D printer or having a company print object for me. I do not have a 3D model yet to request pricing. Before starting creating models I wanted to see if you could provide me a rough estimate on pricing. If you were to print 100 life size poppy flowers for me in red resin and ceramics what would be the cost? Again just an estimate. This will help me tremendously. you could email me Thank you
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  19. Hi there, Thanks so much for sharing the result! Looks stunning! Was this the first piece of jewelry that you created with 3D printing? Which software did you use for the design process? Best regards, Fabian
  20. I wanted to say thank you for printing my petal in titanium. After anodising it, I was very pleased with the result.
  21. Hi Gilbert, I'm afraid Multicolor is not strong enough for your application. it is mainly for decorational items. Bert
  22. Hello Girish, Could you please let me know what metal you would like to print the model in? In order to advise you most effectively we need to check the 3d file so that we could see the geometry as well, check wall thickness and other points, could you please send us the file once you have it? Thank you! Best Regards, Olga
  23. I have a design that I working on. Its a table handle which I'd like to print out in metal. How do I go about getting this done with I.Materialize? At the moment i have a sketch of the design along with the measurements however I should be receiving a 3d model of it soon, most likely in 3DMax format. Any advise ?
  24. Nothing in my junk mail. Plz just let me know when my account will be credited the amount charged to me, ty.
  25. Hello Michael, We regret to hear that you encountered these issues, which may spoil your impession. I have checked the history for this order in our system and can confirm that all of the informational emails (order confirmation, cancellation, reply to our order question submitted from the form online) were sent out to you. It looks like emails from us are going to your spam folder. Could you please check if you have these mails there? Please let me know. Thank you! Best Regards, Olga
  26. Hi Fabian, Thanks a lot for your comment ! It's my first 3D print, so i'll experiment a lot with the paining, it's a special support ! You could check the end result on my Instagram here : https://www.instagram.com/zoddzodd/ I'll try to update this conversation when finished too. Best regards, Christophe
  27. First impressions are important. I placed my order... no confirmation of order from this company., although I did see my bank account was charged. Reviewed my order on here and is apparently 'cancelled'... Although I received no communication that my order cannot be printed. Submitted contact form .... Again.... no communication. It would seem to me if your software evaluation of 3D models can be so quick in determining whether it is capable of being printed, perhaps the charge on bank accounts should be delayed until the integrity of the model is determined printable or not. Order # IMC093492 .
  28. Hi Bert, What about "Multicolor with Gloss Finish"? The pictures looks promising - shouldn't it do the job? Thanks in advance, Gilbert
  29. Hello Daniela, Please let me know if there are more questions, we are always happy to help! Have a nice day! Best Regards, Olga
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