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  2. Height 20 cm
  3. I'm always excited when I receive a ReadyForPickup mail from i.Materialise. Especially when the print is ready a week before the estimated delivery date!! So I opened the box - Fragile on the side - and found this amazing ceramic print with amazing orange color. The model has no sharp angles or faces so the whole looks very smooth. The model is signed and dated on the bottom. You may recognize a figure in it. During design I used the extraction, slicing and smoothing tool (Meshmixer) a lot. That's why I would like to give it a title: Blow Up. The result looks very artificial and the orange color gives it a retro look. Thanks again i.Materialise. I 'm looking forward to see my next orders in Ceramics and Metals.
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  5. Made with Meshmixer Pendant - H 30 mm Unpolished black steel
  6. Hi, i have some designs that i would show my public but the problem is ever the same. Which material have i choose to create my objetcs? When i load my project on your site it show me all the materials but the software i thinh thet it don't tell if for that object i can use that material or not. For example : for an objcet like a ring with text and wall thickness about 1mm, i can choose steel and high definition steel. But high difference of price. Now, as i would like these objects i would like to know before what material i have to choose. Your system tell me at moment of order that i can choose both, sfortunately at moment of the process the things can change. Beacuse a letter of the text is little slower of 1 mm. So, How can i see preventively the correct material to choose. Have you an analisys tool to use about this? (or tell on site at moment of the order: don't choose this, thickness too thin) An example : picture attached, it can be made only high definition steel? Thank you very much.
  7. the minimum size in my design is 180um diameter pillar with 180um height. While it was rejected saying not compatible with the printer.
  8. Thank ΓΌ Fabian. I used Fusion 360 for this ring. Actually I saw the ring on a Turkish TV show and loved it, so made one similar and now it's on my finger.
  9. Nice! Congrats on your first designed ring, Ammar. What a great job! Which software did you use for the 3D modeling part? And what was your inspiration for this design?
  10. This is absolutely incredible. Never thought that would be possible one day. Well, this is my first designed and printed ring ever. I can't say I love it enough. Good job i.materialise, truly good job.
  11. Hi Shannon The best material for this type of mold and these types of models will be our standard resin as the surface quality is a bit better than the high detail resin. Keep in mind that there might be building layers present in the model depending on the structure and printing orientation. And be careful not to apply a lot of heat or pressure to the model as the material might melt or break.
  12. Hi Chris Each material has its own criteria that influence its price. Also keep in mind that some materials also have a minimum price or startup cost. You can find more information about the pricing on our website https://i.materialise.com/3d-printing-materials/pricing Hope this helps. Kind regards
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  14. I'm having trouble with hollowing objects. I have two of the same object one with a full back and another with the back removed and a shell modifier on it '3ds max'. I've uploaded both of them and the one with the hollow back still cost the same as the one with the full back. I don't understand what is going on. Thanks, Chris
  15. Starting from a modest wire structure in mammoth resin gives me - from artistic point of view - more options for the body or the space in and around the structure. The picture reveals one option or variation. Width structure: 400 mm Tools: 123D Make, Meshmixer
  16. Helloo! Thanks for reading my topic - I am a complete newbie to 3D printing and all the materials, so I'm really grateful for any help you can give me! I am planning on 3d printing some of my jewellery pendant designs so i can get them cast in brass. The 3d printed object would be the Master to create the mold, basically! I would like the material to print smoothly, and preferably be quite shiny (or allow me to polish it up to a shine). Also it can't be too porous too liquids as I will be using silicone to create the mold. So far I think High Detail Resin would be the best option? If you could give me any advice, that would be wonderful! Thank you! Shannon
  17. I'd like to print a ring in Gold with i.materialise, so details matter as there will be no turning back once order is placed and money paid. This will be an expensive piece so it needs to be perfect. No matter how much details I add to the model however (more than 4 million tris and file size 195MB), I still get a kind of pixelated mesh when viewing it in Meshmixer and Simplify 3D. So, my question is: will such pixelated mesh be printed as seen or the final process will be something more forgiving and smoother?
  18. Hi Eleonara We have contacted you by email about your order and your question has been handled. Kind regards Helene
  19. Hello, can someone please update us on order IMC088370 ? It should have been shipped yesterday. No answers from customer service
  20. Hi Koenraad, Thanks for the question. Indeed, the technology of stereolithography requires hollowed part to come with release holes. These escape openings are indispensable in such cases in order for the extra material to get out. When 3D printing a part, some liquid resin may get inside of the hollowed model and get trapped if there is no way for it out. Thus, over time, the stuck inside material may harm the model due to its interaction and spoil the overall impression about the part (the material will roll over the insides and make noises). Kind regards, Ivan Mangushev
  21. Does a hollow resin print requires escape holes? Example: a sphere with 10 cm diameter and 2mm shell for resin print (not powder print).
  22. Hi Unfortunately, we do not offer printing in multiple finishes or materials. The best solution would be to print the transparent part in two halves with a space foreseen for the opaque part that you print separately and then assemble it yourself after printing.
  23. Hello Nacere, I am really sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, it is beyond our control which information UPS shared with your client. Based on the information your clients received from UPS, he was able to reach our responsible support engineer and asked us when he will receive his order. We will follow up on this so that it won't happen again. Best regards, Fabian
  24. Hi Koenraad, There was a global outage of Amazon Web Services yesterday which also affected our website. Sorry for any inconvenience. More info about the issue can be found here: https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/28/amazon-aws-s3-outage-is-breaking-things-for-a-lot-of-websites-and-apps/ Best regards, Franky
  25. I forgot to mention that the customer did not have in his possession the tracking number of the parcel because it had not been communicated to him ...
  26. Based on the information I have just obtained, my client obtained confidential information about the producing company (imaterialise) through UPS, which in turn had no right to communicate on the subject. Having obtained Imaterialise as your departure address, my client then contacted you to obtain confirmation that his order had been produced within your company; Information that you have confirmed to him while you are aware of the confidentiality of this information. So this confirms that you have transmitted confidential information about your client (my company) to a third party company (my client). I find it very hard to understand that you have been able to confirm or convey information about an order made by my company !!!
  27. Hello Fabian, Today, my client has contacted you (even if I do not understand how he got this information, I intend to understand it very quickly) to get information about an order made by my company. You have confirmed that this order has been made within your company, so you have provided confidential information concerning this order which was only for your company and mine. How do you explain that you provide information about your customers' orders to third parties? Best Regards
  28. It seems that the website is loading slow?
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