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by Hannes Mayer

miura folding engine
miura folding engine
  • rahmen_oben_v3
  • rahmen_oben_v3
  • rahmen_oben_v3
  • rahmen_oben_v3
  • rahmen_oben_v3


This is a part of the "miura folding engine". This machine allow you to create leafs of the tree "Carpinus betulus - Hornbeam". You can order two different "Rolls" with the structure of an Hornbeam leaf.

The whole engine is made of SLS PA and is assembled of 2 main parts and 4 optional parts for select the leaf profile:

  1. rahmen_oben_v3
  2. rahmen_unten_v3
  3. miura_rolle_unten_v3 - 1,5 mm folding profile
  4. miura_rolle_oben_v3 - 1,5 mm folding profile
  5. miura_rolle_unten_v3_3mm - 3 mm folding profile
  6. miura_rolle_oben_v3_3mm - 3 mm folding profile

Important! You will need 4 Bearings with following data: 15x21x4 mm

If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

Have fun, be happy ;-)

Hannes Mayer

Hannes Mayer

Industrial Design, Product Design, Engineering, Modeling with CAD

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