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MP5 GBB End Cap for AR15 Buffer Tube V2

by Airsoft3D

  • MP5 GBB End Cap for AR15 Buffer Tube V2
  • MP5 GBB End Cap for AR15 Buffer Tube V2
  • MP5 GBB End Cap for AR15 Buffer Tube V2
  • MP5 GBB End Cap for AR15 Buffer Tube V2


This receiver adapter is part of our TeleScopix Shoulder Stock System. The TeleScopix shoulder stock system allows you to customize airsoft guns for the perfect height, length, and aesthetics. Build a gun for maximum ergonomics, performance, and mobility.

This receiver adapter provides a AR15 buffer tube screw mount at the back of the MP5 GBB receiver to allow attachment of AR15 shoulder stocks and AR15 accessories.

TeleScopix Shoulder Stock System comprises of shoulder stocks inspired by past theater of wars, modern combat campaigns, and future science fiction conflicts. They are excellent for making your pistol or rifle look scifi or steampunk. You can use them for cosplay and movie making. Be unique on the airsoft field. See our collect of shoulder stocks, sling mounts, and adapters.

Airsoft equipment used for illustration of this Receiver Mount Adapter are not included.

WARNING: This adapter is designed for airsoft guns. It may not be suitable for real firearms.

Disclaimer: Please use discretion when installing custom parts as fit and compatibility may vary. Some modification may be required. Professional installation recommended.

This design made available via Creative Commons - Attribution license here:





Airsoft3D provides innovative, unique, and awesome parts to individualize your airsoft guns and gear. Some of our parts work on air guns, Nerf guns, and paintball guns. Want to make a science fiction movie? Our parts can easily and quickly turn standard airsoft guns into out-of-this-world cosplay guns. Use our futuristic airsoft parts for your scifi gun props. We can provide movie licensing free of charge. Contact us. Wholesalers and retailers inquiries welcome. "Airsoft is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms called Airsoft guns." - Wikipedia Twitter: @AirsoftOps #Airsoft3D #AirPower3D

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