Real bounding box One of the the biggest issues we have is to get people to think in 3D. Even though we operate in a 3D world thinking and designing in 3D is difficult for a lot of people. People can also quite easily visualize or feel a Kilo or a Liter but a cubic CM is much more difficult. People miscalculate volume all the time and have a hard time understanding the relative size of a lot of things. I have no idea why this is but I know it effects us sometimes also. In order to better help us visualize and understand the lamps that people can make with our design your own lamp tool, Franky actually made a physical bounding box. Real bounding box A bounding box is a rectangle that contains your entire 3D model. In 3D printing we use the term a lot to indicate how large a particular thing is or can be. Franky took some tape, cardboard and Styrofoam and made us a bounding box so we could imagine, feel and see the maximum size of our lamps in front of us. I thought it was a funny way of helping us to make decisions that illustrates some of the more prosaic problems that we have yet to solve.