How Long Does it Take to Get a High-Quality 3D Print in 100+ Materials and Finishes?


We frequently receive questions about how long 3D printing takes. That’s why we want to explain to you how fast different materials are shipped, what you can do if you need a 3D print urgently, and how our production times are calculated.

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Summer of Surprises – Week 1: Titanium Price Drop


The i.materialise summer of surprises is now on! Every week in July and August we will announce new enhancements, price drops, discounts and coupons that will save you money.

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Top 10 3D Sculpting Programs – The Best Software for Creating Digital Sculptures for 3D Printing


3D sculpting is a fascinating way to bring characters, monsters, and all kinds of organic shapes to life. While many 3D modeling programs focus on precision, 3D sculpting apps are all about turning a piece of visual clay into a stunning 3D print. This article will show you the 10 best 3D sculpting programs to get the job done!

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Top Four 3D Printing Materials for Jewelry Designers: Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze


The most common misconception about 3D printed jewelry is that it is printed in metallic plastic. This is not the case: it is produced as a real, solid piece of jewelry made out of the precious metal of your choice. In this blog post we will have a closer look at the four best and most popular materials for jewelry designers. 

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Gear Up With 3D Printed Aluminum


Once again we’re proud to announce a new member in our growing family of 3D printing materials. After offering 3D printing in steel, titanium and even wood, we are now excited to announce the official trial of a new 3D printed metal that is perfect for strong & light parts: 3D printed aluminum. Let’s take a closer look!

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Most Popular 3D Modeling Programs For Jewelry Designers


Before a 3D printer can start printing your jewelry object, it needs digital input from a computer, or a virtual 3D model. This blog post will explain which 3D modeling programs are perfect for jewelry designers who want to print their products in 3D. Once you have found a software to create your designs in 3D, we can print them in gold, silver, brass, brass or 100+ other materials and finishes.

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How 3D Printing in Polyamide (Nylon Plastic) Really Works


Polyamide is one of the most popular 3D printing materials used by professional 3D printing companies. Its advantages are manifold: it is available at a reasonable price, it can include interlinking and interlocking parts, and it can be finished in various ways (dyed, smoothed, spray-painted, given a velvet finish). Today we will explain why Polyamide is such a great all-rounder and how 3D printing in nylon plastic really works.

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Designer Portrait: Master Luthier Hilko Nackaerts Enhances Guitars With 3D Printing


Luthier Hilko Nackaerts builds hand-crafted guitars that take the sound of a string to perfection. By combining traditional woodwork techniques with the cutting edge technology of 3D printing, Hilko manages to create truly unique musical instruments. We met up with this talented designer to learn more about the passion that drives him and to listen to the sound of his 3D-enhanced guitars.

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10 Stunning 3D Prints in Polyamide (Nylon Plastic)


Polyamide is the all-rounder when it comes to 3D printing materials. It can be used for hand-painted sculptures, tech gadget prototypes, stunning fashion and jewelry design, or even pieces of art. Since this nylon plastic comes in 26 different finishes and can be used so universally, we thought it was about time to pay attention to some of its outstanding designs. Take a look at 10 of the coolest polyamide objects we created in our 3D printers lately.

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You Won’t Believe This Cube Was 3D Printed in One Piece


Meet Kurt Plagge, designer of one of the craziest (and smartest) designs we’ve seen lately. His small 3D printed cubes are from a world of their own and were printed in one single piece. That’s right – no glue, no screws, and no manually attached parts. Thanks to laser sintering in Polyamide and his extreme 3D modeling skills, Kurt has managed to create a 3D printed object unlike any other.

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