Nokia Lumia 820 shell: Live on Thingiverse!

We’re happy to announce to you the only functional Nokia Lumia 820 file is now live!

Do you want to print your own Nokia Lumia 820 shell? Go to the i.materialise Thingiverse account and download your file! You can customize it or just print it in a color through our service or with your home printer. Enjoy!

Find us on Thingiverse!


  • Simon Chimejczuk

    hi do you create these shells, would it be possible to have one or several of these shells personalised. if we sent you a design would it be possible to have it engraved into the rear of the shell, if so how much would this cost Kindest Regards

  • Tatiana

    Hello! This was a special project. We are a 3D printing service; which means we normally don”t design, but print designs people upload on our website.

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