We’re happy to announce we started producing in the US!

Since i.materialise is an international 3D printing service, we want to produce more regional to cut shipping costs and delivery times. Recently we started producing several materials in the US but we’re still finalizing the details.

So stay tuned to find out more news about the improved US shipment dates!

  • joshua steinert

    Where at? I would like to see the facility, or look into career opportunities!!!

  • Tatiana

    Hi Joshua! We”ll have more details soon..

  • PG

    This is great, are the new shipping prices to the US already in place for some materials?

  • Tatiana

    Hi Patrick!

    Not yet, but we will publish some more information very soon.

  • Kevin

    Wonderful! What state are you shipping from? And will Sales tax be added for anyone shipping to an address within that same state? If so, how much?

  • Tatiana

    Hi Kevin! More information in our new blog post: http://i.materialise.com/blog/entry/cheaper-us-shipment-costs
    We”re shipping from Wisconsin 🙂

  • April Zeman

    Oh oh oh!! Where in Wisconsin? You hiring? 🙂 Also, would we be able to pick up orders directly from the facility?

  • Tatiana

    Haha, we got a fan ;-)! I”ll double check, but I don”t think it”s possible to pick up orders directly.