Wannes had a GPS in his car and also goes on a lot of bike trips so he used 3D printing to make a holder for his GPS system. His story in his own words is below.

I decided to make a functional object: a bicycle mounting for my GPS. I have a TomTom XL GPS in my car, but I also enjoy recreative cycling and I thought it would be great to have my car’s GPS mounted on my bicycle.

I started with a scan of my GPS. Once I’ve got an STL file I imported it into Blender to adjust the design. I used Blender because I”m most familiar with it for modelling, and I”ve been using it for years. First I created a ring that fits the scan, where the GPS can click on. The back side is open. With a nurb surface forms a horn shape to deflect sound to front. I was thinking that on a bike, where there is no window to deflect the sound, it would be difficult to understand the GPS voice. I created some arms and a stand for on the bicycle steer.

After creating the basic shapes in Blender, I imported the file in my industrial software to prepare the file to 3D printing. i.materialise provide those services for every model, but I wanted to create my own model completely on my own. It took me about two evenings to polish the design.

— Wannes Schuerman

  • fried


    How is the sound system working ?
    I like to understand the GPS too, but I hate those things in my ears…

  • Wannes

    Sound system is working great!
    Everything fitted better then expected.
    Even with the vibrations (of the clearance between the two parts) the voice can be understood very clear.

  • XXL66

    hi, very nice design, what material is it printed ? ABS ? Do you have a very detailed picture of the surface too ?
    ty !

  • It was printed in ABS. I””ve uploaded a more detailed picture of the surface for you: http://i.materialise.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/close_up_-_gps_holder.jpg

  • Jorge

    How much something like this would cost to produce in big quantities? what is the retail price? thanks

  • Tatiana

    Hello Jorge!

    It”s hard to tell! Best way to know the exact price of a design is to upload it in the 3D Printlab: http://i.materialise.com/3dprintlab/instance/5af06901-54a4-4b94-b52f-98bfaf9c631b
    It will tell you the price you”ll have to pay for your design in a particular kind of material.