It’s friday and you all know what that means. This week, polyamide is reclaiming its crown for all featured designs. Enjoy!

Recently, the first Drone Games competition was hosted at the Groupon San Francisco offices. Drone Games is a NodeCopter-Style programming competition powered by drones and JavaScript. Hackers will receive one Parrot AR Drone 2.0 so they can work on their project.  The day of the Games, hackers will get a chance to present their work to other attendees and judges. Winners and runner ups received some really cool 3D printed medals, designed in Tinkercad by Pekka Salokannel.


Photo by Kevin Warnock

What if your card holder you had for years suddenly starts to fall apart? You just fire up Blender like Joost De Cock and design your own.

Photo by Joost De Cock

Mickael Vogel designed a case for a remote control that works with infrared transmission. I do wonder what it controls.

Photo by Mickael Vogel

Finally, here’s Mark Bloomfield again with a ‘Secret garden charm‘. Beautiful and intricate as always. Wear it as a short necklace and show everyone your hidden oasis, or on a long chain and only you will know the secrets held within its floral walls.