Using i.materialise to 3D print a metal object

Christopher Barnatt ( is a futurist, author, videographer, and Associate Professor of Computing and Future Studies in Nottingham University Business School.  We recently stumbled upon one of his videos where he talked about using i.materialise to 3D print  a metal object.

In the video you’ll see how Christopher models a carbon nanotube in Lightwave 3D and uploads it on i.materialise. He shows the ordering process and the unboxing of the model when it arrives. Whether you’re new at all of this or not, we think it’s a great video that shows how easy an online 3D printing service can be. Christopher Barnatt definitely knows how to explain the future!

After finishing the video, he discovered how easy it was to create a designer page and offer the carbon nanotube for sale in our gallery.

Carbon Nanotube by Christoper Barnatt