Top lamp designs for November 2009

Hello everyone, It’s been almost a month since we launched our beta. During this time, we have been astonished by some of the designs we have received and produced with our “Create your own” functionality. Here are some of the lamp models we produced in November for our customers. In 3rd place is the TulipK lamp. What makes the lamp so unique is the fact it can be unfolded, like a flower opens up. Not even our .MGX lamps do that! Yet :0,,) At number 2 is the Trabecular Bone Lamp. What makes this particular model special is the origin of its design. It is based on a cubic slice of a human bone scan, enlarged several hundred times. Unique shapes are all around us! And finally the best lamp of the month is the Sinusoid lamp. Completely generated using mathematical equations, it is a simple yet elegant design that shows the beauty that can result when art and science are merged. All of these lamps look great. They were designed by people who love to design and are exploring very unique ways to create unique forms. They materialised their lamps by using the i.materialise “Create your own” functionality. Good job! We look forward to more ideas!