The revolution begins here: 3D Printshow in London

What a great weekend we had in London! The 3D Printshow was overwhelming and crowded at times, but very interesting because of the people you meet and the stories you hear.

Was it the result of the hype around 3D printing? Or did the revolution really start past weekend? It’s hard to tell. But we can say we never saw more people attending a 3D printing event than this one. Not only designers and software companies appeared; also families, students, hobbyists and people who were just generally interested in this ‘new’ industry were very enthusiastic visitors.


What surprised me the most were the inventive designs people are now able to create. The (fashion) show on friday night gave some hints of what people could expect during the weekend, but when you could take a closer look in the galleries afterwards it abolutely blew me away. There were amazing pieces  showcased of  Niccolo Casas , Matthew Plummer- Fernandez, INNER | LEAF , Iris van Herpen, Michiel Cornelissen, Fransesca Smith, Softkill Design, Mark Bloomfield, Josh Henry…and many many more.

The variety of ‘home’ printers these days is huge and each day more and more industrial-like home printers enter the market. It’s hard to measure and compare the quality all at once, but the results we saw at the 3D Printshow of designs made with a home printer were often ashtonishing and mind blowing. Only downside to it is the technical part. How easy will it be for a normal person to work with the software and fix the machine when it gets broken?

Check out the pictures below, want to see more? Check our Facebook.

Mark Bloomfield bangles, gift boxes and 3D printed hat 'Daisy'.


Who doesn't like the Makies?

Very impressive 'Memento' ring, designed by Francesca Smith.

Shoe concept designed by Janina Alleyne & modelled by INNER | LEAF


Digital Native by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez